All of the Advantages of Selling with Amazon Without the Penalties and Headaches

All Amazon channels, including FBA, FBM, SFP, VC, and everything in between. We’re experts in transforming Amazon into a growth engine.

Whether you’re FBA, FBM, SFP, or VC — North Bay Distribution (NBD) can rescue you from the unnecessary fees, frustration, and lack of visibility that can come with selling on Amazon. We seamlessly augment your current solution or build you one tailored to your needs so you have one central management solution for reduced costs, more control, and increased sales. With NBD as your partner, you can expect to:

  • Reduce or eliminate avoidable Amazon penalties and surcharges while increasing account health.

  • Attain 99% same-day receiving & shipping accuracy

  • Achieve 99.9% inventory record accuracy

  • Save up to 30% in total landed costs using our multi-node integrated fulfillment network

  • Drive up your seller rating and maximize FBA replenishment through our strategically located fulfillment network.

Selecting the right 3PL partner to get the most out of your Amazon channel is a big decision. We get it. We’ll give you straight answers to your questions so you can make the right decision for your business.

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The right partner to grow Amazon sales

“Navigating Amazon’s changing regs, fees, and fulfillment processes can be a headache. Fortunately for us, North Bay are experts at reducing the complexity and ensuring our inventory is managed smartly, with delivery that’s fast and dependable.”

— Karen D., Logistics Manager

A Personal Commitment to Amazon Logistics

North Bay Distribution is employee owned. Every person in our company has a vested interest in making sure you succeed, with results that ensure:

Lower Costs and Less Hassle: As specialists in Amazon FBA fees and requirements, NBD knows how to navigate around the threats to your profit margins — to manage inventory smartly, and optimize logistics for speed and reliability.

Consistent Inventory: With a 50-year track record of stability while working with some of the world's best brands, we know how to meet Amazon’s strict inventory expectations. We face down supply chain issues or fluctuating demand to avoid delays, storage fees, stockouts, or overstocks — keeping the right stock in Amazon warehouses to maximize your profitability.

Real-time Decision Making: Unlock informed decisions, effective inventory management — and positive customer response. Your key: NBD’s system for predictive modeling and issues mitigation provides you with end-to-end visibility within Amazon’s FBA framework.

Multichannel Sales Integration: As you expand sales channel beyond Amazon, you can depend on the fastest, most precise data and fulfillment ecosystem in the country to integrate additional platforms. NBD’s leading-edge supply chain tech and best-in-class processes make certain you maintain accurate inventory counts, meet multichannel fulfillment requirements, and avoid oversell/undersell scenarios.

Scalable Operations: As an FBA business, you’re looking to grow fast, increase accuracy — and contain costs. NBD’s strategic use of robotics and automation adapts to your expanding needs, with gains in effectiveness and no compromise to efficiency.

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