Omni-channel is defined as a multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience. The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a brick and mortar store and the experience would be seamless. It’s key to point out an omni-channel experience from a multi-channel experience. We view Omni-channel Distribution as a one-touch integration between operations and physical product flows across all channels to provide a seamless shopping experience.

North Bay Distribution has the expertise to service retail, wholesale, consumer drop-ship and e-commerce order fulfillment with one singular understanding of your brand integrity and the service promise. We go outside of the traditional four walls service mentality and become an extension of your business. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Analyze and optimize your inventory
  • Reduce touch-points across channels to drive cost down
  • Analyze your order volume dynamics, trends and pattern insights
  • End-to-end visibility¬†into your supply chain (PO Management, Production Management)¬†